Publishing – eBook and Paperback

ALL NEW AUTHORS!!!  This page is for you right now!!!!

Are you a new author and just don’t know how to get your book published?  Look no further.  We’ve got the tools to get your book from your computer to the major bookstores as well as to eReaders.  We’ll publish your book both as a paperback and an eBook.  eBooks are published on Amazon Kindle.

Start to earn royalties by sending your completed, edited file and we’ll do the rest.

Pricing:  (proofreading, spell checking, formatting and paperback printing cost not included)

$775.00        Full Package deal (Includes everything here below except for Additional Distribution)

$300.00       Kindle Publishing or Nook Publishing.  (Cover Page included)

$500.00       Paperback Publishing (Includes Cover Page and ISBN number assignment and Basic Distribution)

$100.00        Cover Page for your Book

$50.00          Additional Distribution cost for Paperbacks.  We submit your paperback so that major bookstores like Barnes and Nobles can find your title.

$35.00          File Conversion to eReader format Click here to upload your file and we’ll send you back the file formatted for eReaders.

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