Price List

FREE Advertising on our website included for most services !!!  Visit the portfolio pages to see how we will advertise your business.

The list below is not all-inclusive.  Contact us to discuss your specific needs.  Our technical experience is far reaching.

Accepting all forms of payment.

(All additional work including future changes or additions will be on a $50.00 per hour basis with a minimum of 8 hours)

Step 1: Domain Name:Set-up for new domain name


Includes: Client to be walked through the purchasing of domain names i.e. godaddy or yahoo etc.

$10.77 / Per Domain name Purchase (Set-up included)or$20.00 Purchasing and setting up of domain name if client chooses to purchase it somewhere else
Possible Complications:Customer wants a specific domain name that is not available, owned by someone else, more expensive Price to be determined
Step 2: Hosting

Includes:1 hosting account setup, additional domain name forwarding to main site

$8.54 monthly
Step 3: Webdesign
SiteMekanik Basic

Includes:1 page (Approx. 300 words)

1 logo or 1 image (logo design and image editing not included)

SiteMekanik 5-Page


5 Pages

1 logo PLUS site header image PLUS backdrop design (logo design and image editing not included)






SiteMekanik Additional pages (on per page basis)

Includes:1 page (Approx. 300 words)Images (image editing not included)

Add-On Adding of code to website upon customers request $40.00
E-mail Set-Up (ie. $20.00 (e-mail hosting not included)

Includes:Client to be walked through setting up an account if necessary

Creating of a Paypal button for website

Adding Paypal button to website

Social Media

Includes:Assist in setting up Social Media Networks

$50.00 per account, marketing & maintenance extra
SEO(Search Engine Optimization)

Includes:Consulting Services to optimize your site for Search engines to find you and send traffic

$60.00 per page or contact us per size of site and work required
Website Tracking using Google Analytics or similiar

Includes: Setting up of Analytics

Link to site

Generating of reports upon request (1 per week or 1 per month)

$35.00 per website

Includes: Google tracking sitemap


Includes: Setting up of account

Uploading files

Linking to website

$50 for initial setup$20.00 monthly (host company)

Image edit/touchup

Per hour rate
Logo Design $100
Business Card Design (printing costs not included)
Business Card Front

Business Card Back

$150 front

$75 back

Business Stationary Set

Includes:Business Cards


Fax Cover Sheet


(printing cost not included, logo design separate if needed)

Ebook (per book)

Includes:Conversion to ebook formats (ex .mobi or .epub)

Adding files to your website (Adding an ebook page to your website is not included)

Setup and adding to Kindle and Nook stores additional

Price per Widget or plugin on your site

Set-up of a Blog

Advertising on this site



Notary Public Service


Mobile Notary Travel Fee



$10.00 monthly (50% off for first month)

(Included with payment for most services like webdesign and business stationary)

$10 per stamp

50% discount for second stamp

$30 and up

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