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SiteMekanik is a local Jacksonville, Florida based extension for the small business and non-profit organization.  With the availability of technology, there are no excuses for not having a proper presence on the web.

If you already have a website and it looks old, then it probably is old.  Let’s give it an enhancement that is compatible with the newer technologies so that you can incorporate all the new things you’ve added since you first had your site built.

Our team is made up of various technical experts.  We all have something we are exceptional at and so we’ll let each team member do their part to give you the preferred quality.

The technical options that are available through SiteMekanik ranges in such a huge spectrum that it is difficult to name them all, but visit the Price List to see the basic services we offer.  Contact us and we can discuss your online goals and with our knowledge and expertise we will help you get there.

The SiteMekanik Team

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