Take step  Step 2 - Get set up with hosting to having a website by getting set-up with Web Hosting. Don’t know what that means?  Too confusing?  No problem, we’ll take care of it for you.

Click on the button to purchase the $15 monthly subscription for hosting which included SiteLock security.

Understanding Website Hosting

– A Domain Name is like the name of your business while Website Hosting is like the monthly rent for your office space.  You need both of them to operate.  Domain names are charged as an annual fee and hosting is generally charged as monthly fee. Click here to be directed to the Domain Name Purchase page if you still need a domain name.

– Already have a hosting plan with another company?  We work exclusively with our own hosting, but under certain circumstances we will work with other hosting companies.  Contact us to discuss this option.

Technical details

Operating System: Linux

Bandwidth: Unlimited

Diskspace: Unlimited

E-mail Address: Although we do not do e-mail hosting, setting up your e-mail address that is associated with your domain name is included when you purchase a domain or hosting with us.  An example of an e-mail address is :  Refer to the pricelist for pricing on all other e-mail setups.

Database: Need more than 1 database?  Options are available.  Bear in mind, that each website designed will have its own service with its own billing.  Refer to the pricelist for pricing details, or give us call.


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