Domain Names

Getting a domain name is  Step 1 - Purchase a Domain Name to having a website. Don’t know what that means?  Too confusing?  No problem, we’ll take care of it for you.

Click on the button to purchase the $10.77 annual subscription per domain name.

(At this point you’d still have to e-mail or phone us to let us know which domains it is you’d like)

Understanding Domain Names

– A domain name looks like this: or

– A Domain Name is like the name of your business while Website Hosting is like the monthly rent for your office space.  You need both of them to operate.  Domain names are charged as an annual fee and hosting is generally charged as monthly fee. Click here to be directed to the Web Hosting page.

– You can have several domain names that all point to the same website.  For instance, and can all direct to one website.

– It is advisable to get at least 2 domain names but not required.  Get as many as possible for the purpose of reserving your business name on .com, .net, .org etc.  Bear in mind, someone else might already have the domain name you want and therefore might cost extra to buy it off from them.

– Already have a domain name? We can still build your website for you whether you choose to transfer it to us or whether you choose to keep it where you have it now.

– Want to only buy a domain name through us?  Sure, go ahead and let us know which domain names you’d like.



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