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You need as many links pointing to your website url as possible to help you with SEO for your site.

For just a $10 monthly payment we will ad ONE digital file on this website that will link back to your website, blog, social media account, or whichever url you choose. Goodness!! It is only $5 for the first month!!!  and then $10 thereafter (this rate applies per digital file).  Visit the portfolio pages to see what it will look like.

Go ahead, e-mail us your file and click here to purchase the monthly subscription. 

A digital file could be a business card, logo, book cover etc.  Don’t have a digital file?  Let us create one for you.  Visit the price list or give us a call.  We might do a very basic 1 or 2 color text only image for a limited amount.

*NOTE: There are no monthly advertising fee if you use our services.  Whether it is graphic design or web design, you will automatically be added to our portfolio pages with links back to your websites, facebook or online urls.   Off course, you can opt-out of this if you so choose (prices will not be altered for opting out).



*Restrictions Apply

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